July 10-12,  2020
New Date ! 

ONLY  10 per age group accepted

0-11 Mo                Babu Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

12-23 Mo              Wee Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

2 Years                  Tiny Miss Kentucky Bluegrass ( NEW) 

3-5 Years             Little Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

6-8 Years            Junior Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

9-10Years           Junior Teen  Kentucky Bluegrass

11-12 Years          Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

13-14 Years          Mini- Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

15-17 Years         Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

18-25 Years         Miss Kentucky Bluegrass    single / no children/ never married

26-36 Years         Ms. Kentucky Bluegrass      with or without children / unmarried

22 -36 Years        Mrs. Kentucky Bluegrass     married with or without children

37 -55 years          Ms Kentucky Bluegrass Woman   married or single with our w/o children

30-55 Years        Modern MS. Kentucky Bluegrass Modern Woman (dress size 14+)

13-17 Years          Modern Teen Kentucky Bluegrass  (dress size 14+)

18-29 Years          Modern Miss Kentucky Bluegrass  (dress size 14 +) 

3-8 Years      Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen  (judged on comm service)

9-14 Years     Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen (judged on comm service)

15 Years +      Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen (judged on comm service)

Countless Pageant Ambassador State Titles Available  (wins 4 point crowns too)

Miss Congeniality Titles  (pre-teen, mini teen, teen, miss, ms and up)

Qualifying titles for AmeriFest Nationals in July

* Queen * Civic * Photogenic * Ambassador * Talent * Charity * Scholar

Top 3 in each age division will advance to nationals in July 2020

Miss Kentucky Bluegrass / AmeriFest LLC Policies and Procedures
* No refunds are given at any time on deposits, ads, or payments
* If an event is rescheduled for any unforeseen circumstance all payments will forward to the new date
* Any deposits or fees paid towards your entry are non transferrable to another contestant
* If for any reason an event is changed to a new date, the original age division will remain (e.g. If you're in Little Miss on the original date, you would also be in Little Miss for the new date regardless if there was a birthday between event dates).
* Any photos submitted to the state and national offices may be used in future advertisings, including social media. By submitting these photos you agree that you have the copyright to these photos and give permission for MKB and AmeriFest to use these photos for pageant promotional purposes.
* At NO time does MKB or AmeriFest share your personal contact information with any third party. We protect your contact information. 
* All pageant judges decisions are final and shall be respected. 
* Any poor sportsmanship of ANY kind will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification including any titles won or prizes awarded. 
* All queens must attend the following year to give up their title.