Mid March 2018
Somerset, KY
2018 Regional Title Registration Is Open !

2018 Info Coming Soon

2018 Mid March - Somerset Center for Rural Development

0-2 Years             Wee Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

3-5 Years             Little Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

6-8 Years            Junior Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

9-10Years           Junior Teen  Kentucky Bluegrass

11-12 Years          Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

13-14 Years          Mini- Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

15-17 Years         Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

18-23 Years         Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

24-30 Years         Ms. Kentucky Bluegrass  single with our without children

24 -45 Years        Mrs. Kentucky Bluegrass  married with or without children

31-55 years            Ms Kentucky Bluegrass Woman   married or single with our w/o children

30-55 Years      MS  Kentucky Bluegrass Modern Woman (size 14+)

13-17 Years          Miss Teen Kentucky Bluegrass Plus  (size 14+) "Modern Teen " 

18-29 Years         Miss Kentucky Plus (size 14 +)   "Modern Miss" 

3-8 Years      Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen  (judged on comm serv

9-14 Years     Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen (judged on comm serv 

15 Years +      Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen (judged on comm serv

Countless Pageant Ambassador State Titles Available  (wins 4 point crowns too)

Miss Congeniality Titles  (pre-teen, mini teen, teen, miss, ms )