Join us in 2017 
April 1    Somerset, KY
2017 Regional Title Registration Is Open !

And here they are.......

Wee Miss      Tynslee Thornburg        Bluegrass Lincoln Co.
Little Miss     Kelly Maynard            Bluegrass Madison Co.
Junior Miss    Landree Button          Bluegrass Glasgow
Junior Teen    Madisyn Montgomery   Bluegrass Daviess Co.
Mini Teen     Charlotte Wise            Bluegrass Louisville
Teen              Hannah Robb              Bluegrass Louisville
Miss              Makayela Banks         Bluegrass Somerset
MS               Toni Marvel                Bluegrass Hancock Co.
MRS             Tiffany Thissen           Bluegrass Breckinridge Co
Modern Teen   Breanna Carter           Bluegrass Louisville
Modern MS    Tiffany Redmon           Bluegrass Shebyville

"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out"

2017  Date is set : April 1    Somerset, Kentucky   (talent rehearsals March 31)

0-2 Years             Wee Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

3-5 Years             Little Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

6-8 Years            Junior Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

9-10Years           Junior Teen  Kentucky Bluegrass

11-12 Years          Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

13-14 Years          Mini- Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass 

15-17 Years         Teen Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

18-23 Years         Miss Kentucky Bluegrass

24-30 Years         Ms. Kentucky Bluegrass  single with our without children

24 -45 Years        Mrs. Kentucky Bluegrass  married with or without children

31-55 years            Ms Kentucky Bluegrass Woman   married or single with our w/o children

30-55 Years      MS  Kentucky Bluegrass Modern Woman (size 14+)

13-17 Years          Miss Teen Kentucky Bluegrass Plus  (size 14+) "Modern Teen " 

18-29 Years         Miss Kentucky Plus (size 14 +)   "Modern Miss" 

3-8 Years      Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen  (judged on comm serv

9-14 Years     Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen (judged on comm serv 

15 Years +      Miss Kentucky Bluegrass Civic Queen (judged on comm serv

Countless Pageant Ambassador State Titles Available  (wins 4 point crowns too)

Miss Congeniality Titles  (pre-teen, mini teen, teen, miss, ms )